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VLC-1900 provides various and precise opto-types

by using cutting-edge digital technology.

Random Function

VLC-1900 provides various charts with differently order

opto-types with Number, Alphabetic letters, Landolt,

Shellen, Children opto-types in order to protect the

memorizing the order of opto-types by patients.

Slide function

In order to concentrate children’s patient, VLC-1900 provides

slide animation functions. Also it shows number of ophthalmic symptoms

with prescriptions, when the chart is not used for period of time.

Adjusting viewing distance

Viewing distance can be adjustsed in accordance to the

space of the test room. Viewing distance is selectable by

0.25M step within 1.5M(Min) ~ 6M(Max)

Sophisticated soft design

White Curved soft design can be placed in any test room.



LCD Type                          19inch(SXGA) TFT LCD
Resolution                        1208 X 1024 pixels
Chart window size           (H) 300 X (W)375mm
Brightness                         80 ~ 250cd/M (10 - Level variable)
Chart Available                 Snellen, Landolt, English, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Numeral, Children,      

                                          Mask (Horizontal, Vertical, Single Optotype),

                                          Special charts (Separate Red/Green), Amsler grid,

                                          Color Blindness, Red/Green 3D, Animation, and so on.
Selectable Distance           1.5 ~ 6M (0.25M step adjustment)
Memory Type                     MSATA(8GB)

Power Supply                     DC 12V / 5A

                                            Model : BPM060S12FXX
Power Consumption          Less than 60VA
Dimension / Weight          (W) 436 X (H) 362 X (D) 66.4mm / 3.6kg 
Remote Control                 (W) 69.5 X (H) 235.5 X (D) 26mm / 200g 
Data Interface                     serial (RS-232)
Standard Accessory           
Main Body (LCD CHART), Remote Control, USB Cable for Remote Control,                                               USB Adapter for Remote Control Recharge,

                                           Power Adapter, Power Cable, Wall Mounting Bracket,

                                           User Manual.

Optional Accessory            Floor Stand, Red/Green Glasses, Pola Glasses,

                                           Desk-top Stand

                  Wireless            IR DA Communication
                  Wired                RS232 Communication

ViewM Technology Co., Ltd.

4 F, 25, Heungan-daero, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, 15809 

TEL        +82 31 453 0202


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