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CEO Message

We, View-M Technology, are leading optical and healthcare industry

Based on professional manpower in Optics, View-M Technology was established in 2008. We develop and create our best ophthalmic equipment. View-M Technology strives not only to provide good healthcare for the people around the world, but also to be the world-best company in the future.


For the first time in South Korea and the 3rd time in the world, View-M Technology has developed and produced its visual chart system by using optics-based elite workforce and its own exclusive technology. Furthermore, View-M Technology today supplies a range of products to agencies in about 70 countries across the world and has a brisk sales activity aiming to take the first place in the world’s market share.


To make technology miracles happen in the future, all the executives and staffs in View-M Technology endeavors to develop

and market not only diagnostic system in the fields of ophthalmology and eyewear industry but also eye care system in the field of healthcare. View-M Technology also does its best to attain a stock-market floatation and sales goal of 80 billion won ($67million) in 2020. Self-developed devices of View-M Technology have acquired FDA or KFDA approvals, ISO13485, CE, MDD etc. and we are trying to fulfill our goal of “Total Solution” in the field of optics and “For People’s Healthy Sight” in healthcare. As usual we continue to challenge ourselves with satisfying our customers with our high-tech optical products.


We really appreciate your concern and interests and wish you all the happiness and good luck.




 Ki Gon Kim


View-M Technology Co. Ltd.


ViewM Technology Co., Ltd.

4 F, 25, Heungan-daero, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, 15809 

TEL        +82 31 453 0202


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