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2016 View-M Technology Workshop

앵커 1

Hey everybody

Wondering why we are taking on the boat?



We’re going sea fishing in Taean for a special workshop!!!!!

Weekday, no traffic and we arrived at a fishing in Taean from Seoul very soon~

took a photo

and then moved to the fishing you see over there~~

While we sit waiting for fish to come up,

our CEO says,

“One who catches many fish will be awarded a prize”

“One who catches many fish will be awarded a prize”

“One who catches many fish will be awarded a prize”

Starting from our Sales Manager, some of our staff are getting fish!!

Talking and having raw fish, we enjoyed fishing.

Whether on the shaking bridge,

Or just sitting on a chair

Successfully we got fish!!!

You are not supposed to do that here lol

We pulled up the net and gathered remaining fish.

Taking a photo with fish we caught~

The fish that are going to be changed into raw fish soon!!

Playing Foot volleyball before dinner~~

We were divided into two groups and did their best for the game.

A big barbeque party~

We had a lot of talks until late at night for growth and development of View-M.

The next day we took a photo at the shore in front of the accommodation we stayed at

Having Kalguksu for lunch, we finished 2016 View-M Technology Workshop.

ViewM Technology Co., Ltd.

4 F, 25, Heungan-daero, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, 15809 

TEL        +82 31 453 0202


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